Kathy Griffin The Only Comedian That Has Never Made Someone Laugh!

Kathy Griffin The Only Comedian That Has Never Made Someone Laugh!

Kathy Griffin started a social media campaign to sell comedy tour tickets. Griffin, who has endured controversies, health issues, and a divorce, hopes her fans may help her find consolation onstage.

The comedian shared a video on social media about her troubles. “I had another voice surgery two days ago. My voice is sounding better, but I have COVID and am devastated since I’m divorcing, Griffin said.

All about the tour, dude. Fucking get me to Des Moines opening night. Omaha’s sales are low.”



Griffin has been a comedian for decades. She has been involved in various situations that have caused controversy and reaction.

Griffin’s 2017 photo of herself wearing a mask resembling then-President Donald Trump’s severed head covered in fake blood could be her most notorious. The photograph was criticized by Trump, his family, and politicians.

Griffin apologized for the photo, saying it went too far, but subsequently withdrew. Griffin was slammed, losing endorsements, tour dates, and her CNN New Year’s Eve co-hosting post.

President Donald Trump criticized on Twitter in 2017. Trump told Griffin to be embarrassed of the photo since it had badly damaged him and his family, especially his youngest son Barron.

The picture outrage cost Griffin jobs, concert dates, and a public Secret Service inquiry.

Griffin also caused controversy when she accused Andy Cohen, her former Bravo employer, and Harvey Levin of TMZ of maltreatment in a YouTube video. Cohen denied offering woman drugs before his appearance.

Griffin is known for her honest anecdotes of celebrity relationships, some of which have caused public confrontations. Celebrities and fans have fought over her comments. Griffin has said she was banned from various daytime and late-night talk shows for her inflammatory comments.

Griffin said she was blacklisted from several venues after the Trump photo incident and had trouble scheduling gigs. Her career took a major hit, which she is recovering from.


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